The Parking Permit scheme was introduced in 2007 in order to control the number of vehicles parking on the estate. The situation was getting out of control  for example, people from outside the estate were using our car parking spaces, leaving few available for genuine residents, and some residents were parking more than the one private vehicle they are allowed under the terms of the lease.

In line with the lease, one resident's permit for a designated vehicle is available for each flat.  The application form for a resident's permit is available below;  when completed it should be returned to Hull & Co. for processing.  WE DO NOT ACCEPT APPLICATIONS BY EMAIL - THE ORIGINAL, SIGNED, APPLICATION FORM MUST BE SENT TO HULL & CO.

If you change your car you must apply for a new permit for the new car. Displaying a permit in a car that does not match the description written on the permit will invalidate the permit and you will be liable for a charge from UK Parking Control Ltd, our contractors, if parked in a private bay.

In addition, each flat has been given 2 re-usable visitors' permits. These permits are assigned to the flat rather than the resident and therefore they should be passed on when residency changes. Replacement permits can be purchased by completing the visitors' permit form below and returning it to Hull & Co. with the appropriate fee.  WE DO NOT ACCEPT APPLICATIONS BY EMAIL - THE ORIGINAL, SIGNED, APPLICATION FORM MUST BE SENT TO HULL & CO.

Permits - both residents' and visitors' - must be prominently displayed in the front windscreen of the vehicle.   If the permit is not readily seen by the UKPC parking officer, then a parking charge notice may be issued.

Please remember that the parking scheme was introduced so that the residents of Queenswood Gardens have a better chance of parking their vehicles on the estate without non-residents taking up spaces. It is our scheme and it is hoped that all residents will respect the rules and do not abuse the privileges they have. Any visitors' permits displayed must be for genuine visitors only, used for a short period of time. Commercial vehicles should not be parked in the private bays on the estate unless they are attending a flat, on a short-term call. The commercial bays at the front of the estate are exempt from the scheme and available to all. Commercial vehicles should not be parked in private bays after 10pm.

UK Parking Control Ltd manage the parking scheme in the private bays and they have the right to apply a charge to a vehicle that is not displaying a valid permit issued by Queenswood Management Association Ltd (QMAL).  All permits issued will have been completed with the appropriate details; and any permit that has been altered will be invalid and the vehicle subject to the appropriate parking charge made by UKPC.

A small number of residents have been abusing the parking permit system by partially obscuring part of a permit so that it appears to be valid for their vehicle.  Please note that any vehicle that is parked with a partially-obscured or altered permit will be liable for a parking charge ticket.

If you, or a visitor, have been issued with a parking charge ticket and wish to dispute it, you need to contact UKPC, using the contact details on the ticket.  QMAL has no power to cancel tickets nor does Hull & Co.

Full terms and conditions are detailed on the application forms themselves; copies of the T&Cs that lessees sign up to for each type of permit can be found here.

Updated on 23 March 2015.

NOTE:  With effect from 1 July 2010, lessees who fall behind in paying their service and other charges and who don't make any efforts to rectify the situation may have their parking permits including visitors' permits suspended.  Full details of this policy were sent to all lessees and residents in June 2010 a copy of the letter explaining why this policy has been introduced, and how it is in compliance with the lease, can be found here.

Click here for the Parking Permit Application Form                             Click here for the Visitors' Parking Permit Application Form


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