To transfer a share in either Queenswood Management Association Ltd ("QMAL") or Queenswood Gardens Ltd ("QGL"), you need to complete a stock transfer form.  A copy of the latest format, following changes in legislation, can be downloaded here.   It is an interactive form so you can either complete it on your PC, or print it out and complete it manually.

The outgoing lessee needs to sign it where indicated - if there is more than one shareholder (for example, if the outgoing lessees are a married couple) then all of them need to sign it.  In addition to providing all the information required on the first page of the form, you will also need to complete Certificate 1 on the second page of the form - deleting as and where necessary.

To help you complete the form, we have prepared example forms that you can also download to see what information is required, and in what format you need to provide it.

          QMAL Ordinary share - example stock transfer from
          QGL Founder's share - example stock transfer form
          QGL Ordinary share - example stock transfer form


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